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About Pam

For over 30 years, I dedicated my life to Law Enforcement, and the protection of our natural resources. But retirement opened a new chapter—one where I could unleash my creative spirit.
Now, armed with a laser and fueled by imagination, I craft cool and unique items that delight our customers. Whether it’s a wooden map of a favorite destination, a personalized keychain, or a mesmerizing piece of art, I pour my heart into every creation.

Creative Artist Pam
Creative Artist Julie

About Julie

I am an award-winning artist, pianist, and former Executive Recruiter. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest with many beloved pets, along with a joy for the absurd and whimsical, I like to tease and draw out unique personalities and quirks for memories to come.


Send us a pic or idea and I can create the painting of your imagination. But the real magic lies in the reactions. Witnessing the joy on people’s faces when they get to hold that dream, it’s priceless. We are honored to be part of each transformation.

Let’s keep turning dreams into tangible wonders, one beam and brush stroke at a time.

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